Winton Blount III

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Winton Malcolm Blount III was the son of the Alabama businessman and philanthropist, Winton “Red” Blount Jr.  Winton III was a Montgomery businessman who worked along side his father in construction projects in New Orleans and Saudi Arabia. His wealth allowed him to be a philanthropist, and political activist until he died at 71. In his obituary in the Tuscaloosa News it stated ” he was instrumental in the early successes of the Alabama Republican Party. As Chair, he worked tirelessly, crisscrossing the state on behalf of candidates in the early 90’s.” He ran for Governor in 1994 and 1998 but lost in the primaries. He continued to work behind the scenes  for his party.

On the darker side of his accomplishments he led the conspiracy to politically prosecute Don Siegelman in order to ruin his political career and keep him from dominating Alabama for the Democratic Party.


Background: Winton’s Father, Red Blount

Red Blount’s construction company started out building fish ponds after World War II and grew to an international company building large projects like the Superdome in New Orleans and a campus in Saudi Arabia. His company evolved into industrial and military manufacturing making Red Blount very wealthy.  He gave back by working on many philanthropic projects, the arts and by getting involved in Republican politics.

A Red Blount biography on the Alabama Encyclopedia states: A self-described conservative, he continued to support Republican candidates and raise money for their campaigns for the rest of his life, helping to transform the Alabama Republican Party from a small group to the influential organization it is today.

He was appointed by Nixon to be PostMaster General of the USA where he revolutionized the Post Office financing. As a result, the Post Office supports itself completely from the revenue of its services. After Nixon left office he decided to run for the U.S. Senate.

W. Bush’s lost year (1972) turns up in Alabama campaigning for Red Blount

Glynn Wilson writes on Axis of Logic(2004) that “[George W.] Bush made the move [from Texas] to Alabama in May to work on Winton “Red” Blount’s campaign for the U.S. Senate against Southern Democrat John Sparkman. The lessons of that year were not lost on Bush or his political adviser Karl Rove,” who was crossing the country with Atwater in 1972. Blount’s campaign, with double the financial support of Sparkman’s campaign, put up billboards all over the state promising:

“A vote for Red Blount is a vote against forced busing . . . against coddling criminals . . . against welfare freeloaders.”

Since Red Blount was a moderate, he later expressed regret at the divisive tactics used in that election. Especially since he lost.



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