Tommy Gallion

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Gallion trying to expose the conspiracy behind the Siegelman Prosecution

Back in 2007, Thomas Gallion III gave Jill Simpson legal representation defending her sworn statement that the Riley’s and other high powered GOP were conspiring to politically prosecute Alabama Siegelman.

Rob Riley is lying about Simpson’s Sworn Testimony

In defence of Simpson, Gallion stated for the Times Daily  “that since Rob Riley once said he barely knew Simpson, a classmate at the University of Alabama, anything he says has to be taken with a grain of salt.” It turns out that they not only knew each other at the University, they ran against each other for class office.  “Jill Simpson has shown me, and I have witnessed with my own eyes, she has represented Rob Riley in plaintiff cases and has canceled checks and documents … and I believe what she says is true,” Gallion said. “What they ought to do with everybody involved (on Rob Riley’s side) is to go to Washington and testify.”

Yet Another Recusal for Leura Canary

Later, Gallion asked for a recusal for Leura Canary who is being accused of improperly involving herself in criminal proceedings in which her husband had strong business interests. An article in Harpers states “Mrs. Canary is abusing her office by launching a criminal investigation targeting persons who have recently raised corruption allegations against Alabama Governor Bob Riley and former Lieutenant Governor Steve Windom, clients of her husband.”  He and Don Jones wrote a 14 page letter with 79 pages of exhibits to persons in the U.S. Justice Department, including Margolis. Learn more about Leura’s second recusal.

Eventually, Tommy Gallion went on screen and told his own story in this documentary. He reports that he had been approached by the members of the phone/conference conspiracy call to join them in their plan to prosecute Siegelman. To learn more, view his interview in the film.

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  • Karl Rove

    Directed the Siegelman Prosecution from D.C.

  • Jack Abramoff

    Financed the “machine” that took out Siegelman

  • Michael Scanlon

    Helped Abramoff cheat the Choctaw and bribe officials

  • Grover Norquist

    Funneled gambling money from MS to Alabama GOP

  • Ralph Reed

    Laundered gambling money to Christian organizations

  • Judge Bill Pryor

    Initiated the investigation of Siegelman in ’99

  • Winton Blount III

    Hosting planning meeting for Siegelman prosecution

  • Leura Canary

    Alabama US Attorney appointed to “get” Siegelman

  • William Canary

    Brokered access between D.C. and Alabama GOP

  • Rob Riley

    One of the operatives central to the Siegelman Prosecution

  • Bob Riley

    Exploited Alabama for the Riley family’s benefit