Rob Riley Planned to follow in his father’s political footsteps

Rob Riley was a well known and respected Homewood, Alabama, lawyer who had big dreams for his father’s political future and for his own. He is well known in Alabama political circles as a major Republican political mover and shaker during the 90’s and the early 00’s, playing leading roles in his father’s campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives and the Alabama Governor’s Office. But he was shocked to find himself in a nationally prominent spotlight in June 2007. Rob Riley, soared to national prominence when he was named in a sworn testimony by Jill Simpson featured in stories in TIME magazine, CNN online and the NYT.

Jill Simpson Affidavit and Rob Riley

Ms. Simpson had worked with Rob Riley, a long time friend and fellow republican activist, to help his dad, Bob Riley, win the primary in an upset against Windom in 2002. Rob invited her, as a fellow campaigner, onto a phone conference call where Rob Riley and a group of high powered Alabama GOP activists were planning a new high powered campaign strategy to beat Siegelman. She reported that on the phone conversation with Rob Riley, someone stated that Karl Rove had contacted the Department of Justice to push a second prosecution of Don Siegelman in Federal Court in Alabama. She also said that Rob divulged to her that the case would be assigned to a federal judge who “hated” Mr. Siegelman and who would “hang Don Siegelman.”

When Rob was confronted with the sworn testimony of Jill Simpson, he claimed that he had not had any contact with her in decades. Her sworn testimony and phone records prove otherwise. (Read more about the Riley revelations to Simpson at Legal Schnauzer.)

Rob Riley’s Long Involvement in Crime

Roger Shuler writes that “Rob Riley was at the heart of a plot against Siegelman, perhaps from the very beginning. This has dark implications because no one benefited more from the Siegelman case than Bob Riley (Rob’s father), who went on to serve two terms as governor after “beating Siegelman” in a 2002 election where votes for the Democrat disappeared overnight in heavily Republican Baldwin County.”

Rob Riley has been involved in a number of morally questionable, if not illegal, activities. He was in the middle of a money laundering operation or two designed to hide the source of gambling or illegal campaign money through various front groups. He was engaged in a number of extramarital affairs, probably while conspiring the political prosecution of his father’s political opponent, Governor Siegelman. Last, but not least, he was sued for Medicare fraud by a whistle blower in his company.

While many publication have covered the misdeeds of Rob Riley, most of this article is based on the writing at Legal Schnauzer, by blogger Roger Shuler, who has doggedly pursued Riley corruption. The picture in the orange suit is Roger while spending 5 months in jail. This is what happens in Alabama when a blogger writes about the wrongdoing of local politicians.


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  • Jack Abramoff

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  • Michael Scanlon

    Helped Abramoff cheat the Choctaw and bribe officials

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    Hosting planning meeting for Siegelman prosecution

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  • Rob Riley

    One of the operatives central to the Siegelman Prosecution

  • Bob Riley

    Exploited Alabama for the Riley family’s benefit