Descended from a long line of Politicians

Leura Garrett Canary, daughter of the late Senator Eugene Garrett and granddaughter of the late Senator Will Garrett, is a Bush appointed U.S. Attorney in Montgomery. She comes from a long line of Alabama politicians, some of whom are rumored to have murdered their opposition.

She married GOP politico, William Canary, becoming the premier Alabama GOP power couple. Her husband referred to her as one of his “girls” commissioned to “get Siegelman” in a conference call discussing the Siegelman re-election. She worked on the corruption case against Democratic Governor Don Siegelman first under Bill Pryor, and then as a Bush appointed US Attorney.

In March 2002 an attorney for Siegelman filed paperwork with the Justice Department asking for her recusal. The attorney argued that Mrs. Canary was conflicted under ethical guidelines binding on U.S. Attorneys primarily because her husband, William Canary, was then working as a paid political consultant for Attorney General Pryor, the man whose complaints were driving the case. Furthermore, Canary presented himself as a consultant of Governor Bob Riley’s, Don Siegelman’s political opponent.

On May 16, 2002—roughly a year into the case, and nearly two months after Siegelman’s attorney complained to the U.S. Justice Department about Canary’s husband having ties to some of Siegelman’s Republican opponents” — Leura Canary issued a press statement:

As to any matters pertaining to any current investigation of [Governor Siegelman] which may be underway, the Department of Justice has advised me that no actual conflicts of interest exist. However, out of an abundance of caution, I have requested that I be recused to avoid any question about my impartiality.

However,  researchers were unable to find any court filed recusal papers. Mrs. Canary went to lengths to appear in the media and state that she had withdrawn. But apparently she never really gave up complete control over the case, turning the work over to assistants Franklin and Feaga, career attorneys in her office that report to her.

Later a whistleblower gave a sworn testimony that Leura Canary did not actually recuse herself from the Siegelman Case. Not only that, but she set up an off-site office – a command central war room on the Air Force base – from where she directed what she called “The Big Case.” She made resources available to the prosecution, gave directives in the handling of the case, made staffing decisions, gave interviews to the press and rewarded milestones in the case.

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