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Meet the members of the Peppertree Productions team!

Steve Wimberly, producer/director and owner of Peppertree Productions, has been working to make this documentary happen for the last three years (2013-16.) Dana Siegelman, daughter of the wrongfully imprisoned Governor of Alabama, first introduced Steve to her father’s story through a mutual friend. Steve was captivated by the gross injustice of the Siegelman Case and its implications for our democracy. He began to work obsessively on the film although he had never produced a documentary before, learning as he kept moving forward. As he overcame the many challenges of making this documentary, he found support among the friends, family and supporters of Don Siegelman. As a result, interviews and information were gleaned to be included in the film. Consequently, the film introduces the public to substantial evidence and insight into the inner workings of this dark political conspiracy.

A Little Help from My Friends

In 2016 Kurtis Watkins became Steve’s trusty side-kick and editor.  Anita Darden, who created the Free-Don website, kicked in a few graphics. Many thanks to Magic Lantern and Moonshine Productions for their very generous contributions.


First fundraising efforts on GoFundMe helped Wimberly almost $100,000 to write, film, interview, edit, post produce this film. Eventually Wimberly obtained Independent Documentary Association status, which made contributions tax deductible. The final fund raising campaign occurred over the 2016 holidays with matching funds.

What’s the Attraction to this Story?

What captivated Wimberly about this story and compelled him to sacrifice 3 years of his life to make it happen? As a story, the Siegelman prosecution is an intriguing exploration of the dark underbelly of politics in the Alabama. As a cause, the profound injustice cries out to exposed and righted.

The Don Siegelman Political Assassination features

  • Election Fraud
  • Partisan Prosecutors
  • A “shopped” Judge
  • A kangaroo Court


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